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Mrs. Rastin

The important thing about learning is to take a chance.

    Sometimes that chance is just sharing your thoughts.
    Sure you might be wrong.
    But you might be right.
    Some things come easy and some things seem harder.
    It feels good to be right,
    but to be wrong allows you to grow.
And the important thing about learning is to take a chance.
-Mrs. Rastin

Winter into spring
Bursting with green
Life is new growth.
Mrs. Rastin

L is my favourite letter.
Lilacs in the spring fill the house with a wonderful perfume.
Listening to the birds in the morning waking us gently to a new day.
Little hands helping to make supper, feeling proud to be so grown up.
Laces dangling, needing to be tied to be safe.
I like L because L is the letter of love.
~Mrs. Rastin

T is my favourite letter.
Teeth that are wiggly and being played with all day.
Tender hugs at the end of the day.
Tissues wet with tears.
Tremendous I got it smiles.
I like T because teaching is the best!
~Mrs. Rastin

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My Favorite Letter
by Susan

S is my favorite letter.
Swimming is a wonderful sport.
Sinatra was a famous singer my mother liked.
Spiders have eight creepy legs.
Snakes are the scariest thing ever!
Silver is the color of a full moon.
Silence is golden.
Serendipity is a happy chance.
I like S because it is sinuous.

March, 2015


If Tennessee were a color,
It would definitely be green.
It would be as happy and cheerful as a bee
Roaming the flowers for a bit of nectar.

If Tennessee were a vehicle,
It would be a semi-truck,
Zooming from place to place,
Constantly busy and noisy.

If Tennessee were a computer,
It would be a MacBook Pro,
Showing news stories
Of all the wonderful children who live here.

If Tennessee were a piece of furniture,
It would be a Danish Modern sofa,
Warm wood frame covered
With soft butter-yellow cushions.

Susan Nixon
April 2, 2015

After dark,
Things can be scary.
There are scurrying sounds I don't recognize,
And things I see out of the corner of my eye.
Animals rustle in the leaves of the backyard,
Looking for food and whatever looks interesting.
I wonder what's interesting to anyone
After dark.

Susan Nixon

Twilight comes,
Creeping across the wall of my bedroom,
Bringing shadows into the darkened room.
Is that a looming monster?
Or only the wizened winter branches of the willow tree?
Light swells to a crescendo and the world becomes clear.
A day of learning stretches my brain out of shape,
And I face off against my friends in a game of soccer after school.
My family clusters together for dinner as the blazing light
Begins to dim.
In the warmth of home and love,
Twilight comes.

Susan Nixon

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Bright orange, red, and yellow
Illuminating sun
Filling my spirit
Life is sparkling!
~ Ms. Filer

Ms. Filer's Favorite Letter

Z is my favorite letter.
Zebras have unique black and white stripes.
Zero the Hero is a very important number.
Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
Zigzags look like happy dancing lines.
Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables.
Zodiacs have twelve constellations or signs.
Zinnias are brightly colored flowers.
Zambonis smooth the ice in hockey rinks.
Zizzing is the feeling when your hand or foot falls asleep.
I like Z because I love zingy Z words!

I think first graders are awesome!
Because they are amazing thinkers.
Because I watch them do incredible work every day.
Because they are kind to each other and care about Team Room 105.
I don't know,
But I think it's so.
~~ Ms. Filer

If my mom were a color,
She would be a warm, sunny yellow
Bringing feelings of delight to everyone around her,
Encouraging friendship, love, and compassion.

If my mom were anything,
She would be a vegetable garden enclosed with marigolds to keep away pests.
She would have rich soil to nourish the seeds and plants
Growing into appetizing veggies for us to enjoy at meals.

If my mom were a dessert,
She would be creamy homemade yogurt
Full of healthy probiotics and sprinkled with
Scrumptious dark chocolate and raspberries.

If my mom were a computer,
She would be Windows Media Center
Creating the Christmas plays' scripts, scenery, and costumes
For the Sunday School classes to present to our congregation.

If my mom were a piece of furniture,
She would be my grandfather's solid oak rocking chair
Joyfully reading her grandchildren their favorite stories,
Then lovingly rocking and singing them to sleep.
~ Julie Filer, 2015

If my friend Mary were a color,
She would be a bright, radiant, glittery white
Energizing all those who met her,
Lifting them to levels of great happiness and joy.

If my friend Mary were anything,
She would be a playground of delight for little Emma.
She would sing, spin, dance, chase, toss, catch, blow bubbles, and read
Helping Emma grow and learn.

If my friend Mary were a food,
She would be a sizzling steak on the backyard grill,
Tended with care by her hubby Bill
And paired with her favorite wine and veggies.

If my friend Mary were a computer,
She would be laughing her head off
Because technology wasn't her forte.
She would be asking me for help!

If my friend Mary were a piece of furniture,
She would be the lounge chairs on her backyard deck
Blissfully relaxing in the summer sun,
Reading her favorite novel and soaking up the warmth of her life.
If my friend Mary were still with us,
We would be telling her how much we love her and are grateful for her,
Celebrating how much she contributed to our lives,
And all would be right in the world.
~ JFiler, 2015

Outside my window
I see cherry and apple trees
Blossoming with tiny pink flowers,
Offering the promise that sweet summer is near.
I hear the cry of eagles
Soaring through the sky,
Teaching their young to hunt, to fly, to live.
I smell the heavenly aroma of lavender plants
Stretching through my front garden,
Presenting a relaxing, calming fragrance.
I feel the amazing beauty of nature
As I gaze up at a sky of puffy clouds
Colored by the setting sun,
Shimmering pink, blue, gray, and white.
I feel my connection to the sights, sounds, and scents
Of the Universe
Outside my window.
~~ Julie Filer, 2015

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High in the sky
Rainbows shimmer through the clouds.
Jets zoom along leaving long, white tails.
Birds soar and swoop.
Sunlight shines warm and bright.
High in the sky
By: Mrs. Gates

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