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Life Poems


Stopping your way, crying and lonely
Life is sorrowful.


The trees
Holding leaves
Life is beautiful.


Hot red
Spitting lava
Life is dangerous.


Yellow golden
Sparkling fun at the beach
Life is tropical.


Raining all the time
Life is wet.

Crimson red
Spattering on the dirt
Life is violent.

Waves moving
Life is refreshing.

Turn off the light
Life is dark.

Shiny Gold
Heating the sand
Life is amusing!

Flaming red
Hot summer
Makes me sweat
Life is boiling.

Green and orange
Slipping from the tree.
Life is natural.

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My Favorite Letter Poems

M is my favorite letter.
Mammals produce milk as white as snow.
Mistakes help us learn about life.
Marshmallows are sweet cotton balls.
Moon is my relaxing view at night.
Music is the dancer's best friend.
Monkeys are as hairy as bears.
I like M because it is the first letter of my name.

B is my favorite letter.
Belgium is where I go every summer.
Belgium makes the best chocolate.
Belgian waffles are great for breakfast.
I like B because it's my favorite country's first letter.

T is my favorite letter.
Today is a fun and witty day.
Theanis is my friend.
Trains take me places.
Thursdays are my Art days.
Tea is as relaxing as a day in a spa.
Teachers teach us.
Tia is aunt in Spanish.
Taxes are not nice.
Thank you for reading.

A is my favorite letter.
Amelia is my best friend.
Actor is what I want to be.
Art is an interesting class.
All my best friends are helpful.
American School is the best school.
April is when we can do a talent show.
Alone is a word that I don't like.
A is my favorite letter because it is the letter of my best friend's name.

N is my favorite letter.
Nagham is my name.
Nachos are delicious.
Neon is the color of my pencil case.
Number two is my favorite number.
Nature makes me happy and relaxed.
Needles are used by doctors.
Now is my writing class.
Noor is the arabic word for boys and girls.
November is Hilal's birthday.
I like N because it is the first letter of my name.

L is my favorite letter.
Listening is the best way to learn.
Library is a world of fiction and adventure.
Lunch is the resting time to have fun.
Light is a sign of a better way.
I like L because L is the first letter of Lunch.

I is my favorite letter.
Italy is the boot of Europe.
Igloos are the homes of the arctic.
Ice cream is the way to heaven.
Islands are as myterious as why penguins can't fly.
Intriguing things hide from being discovered.
I tunes is your way to new and old artists.
I like I because my name begins with I.

A is my favorite letter.
Academy of Music is amusing!
Arabic is a language that my friend speaks.
Apple is a healthy food.
Adventure is very risky.
Arianna Grande is my favorite singer.
Amelia Vega is an actress.
April is Sabrina's birthday.
I like A because it is amber-colored.

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If Poems

If I were a color,
I would be red.
I would act lovely.
I would be a lovely gir.

If I were a toy,
I would be a barbie.
I would act like a model.
I would be a superstar.

If I were a flower,
I would be a rose.
I would act like a popular girl.
I would be beautiful.

If I were a car,
I would be a jeep.
I would act marvelous.
I would have a big heart.

If my mom were a toy,
She would be a barbie.
She would be stylish.
She would win fashion shows.
She would be a super model.

If my mom were a car,
She would be a Ferrari.
She would win every race.

If my mom were a color ,
She would be red.
She would act strong and furious.

If my mom were a book,
She would be Esperanza Rising.
She would be read and loved by many.

If my mom were a car,
Whe would be an SUV.
She would take me around the world to have fun.

If my mom were a color,
She would be blue.
She would be the ocean waves banging against the shore.

If my mom were a toy,
She would be a Jack-in-the-Box.
She would amaze me every day.


If my mom were a color,
She would be white.
She would be peaceful.

If my mom were a flower,
She would be a rose.
She would smell sweet and look beautiful.

If my mom were a car,
She would be a Rexton.
She would move forward no matter what.

If my mom were an instrument,
She would be a piano.
She would sing sweet melodies.


If my mom were an instrument,
She would be a guitar.
She would play music with the strings of my heart.
Her songs would touch my heart.

If my mom were a food,
She would be a fruit salad.
A carnival of wonderful colors.

If my mom were a car,
She would be a Lamborghini,
Making new challenges,
Being the best.
She is small, but has a big heart.


If my mom were a color,
She would be yellow.
She would brighten people's days like a lamp.
If you feel hopeless,
She will always have something to say.

If my mom were a vehicle,
She would be a 4x4 Range Rover.
She always knows how to overcome all her problems.

If my mom were a book,
She would be a mountaineering book.
She likes to climb mountains no matter how hard it gets.

If my mom were a living thing,
She would be a tree.
She helps everyone.
She puts others' needs before her own.


If I were a color,
I would be red,
Because I am a lovely girl.

If I were a character,
I would be Sponge Bob,
Because I love everyone and I make them feel happy.

If I were a teacher,
I would be a Math teacher.
I love math and I am very good in math class.


If my mom were a color,
She would be white
Because she is peaceful and calm.

If my mom were a living thing,
She would be a flower
Because she is beautiful.

If my mom were a vehicle,
She would be a plane
Because she flies to my heart.

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Because Poems

I think I'll climb Mt. Everest some day.
Because I've never been so high before.
Because I love heights.
Because I want to touch the sky.
I don't know,
But I think it's so.

I think I couldn't live without nature.
Because nature makes me feel relaxed.
Bcause it gives meaning to my life.
Because it smells beautiful.
I don't know,
But I think it's so.

I think I am going to be a good soccer player.
Because I practice every Tuesday.
Because I want a trophy.
Because I want to be a champion.
I don't know,
But I think it's so.

I think that I will be the best volleyball player.
Because I practice a lot.
Because I always play with my friends.
Because I take volleyball classes.
I don't know,
But I think it's so.

I think I will be a good ping pong player.
Because I won a 2nd place medal at a tournament.
Because I practice ping pong for two hours every Monday and Wednesday.
Because I'm the 3rd best player in elementary.
I don't know, but I think it's so.

I think I will be a good soccer player.
Because they selected me to represent the school and
I was the only one that scored 4 goals.
Because my teammates trust me and they pass me the ball.
Because they tell me I am marvelous.
I don't know, but I think it's so.

I think nature will disappear.
Because we are chopping loads of trees without planting others.
Because we are contaminating the rivers.
Because we are melting the poles.
I don't know, but I think it's so.

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Start and Stop Poems

At Gaza
People dying,
Blood in the street.
Feeling scared.
Houses go down.
People without a hand or a leg.
When you sleep, you don't know if you will get up or not.
All the time, you think that you will be the next one that will die.
At Gaza.

Inside my heart,
I can have secrets
Feelings, whispers,
Connections between heart and brain.
Little, tiny love things.
Memories with a picture of myself
Hugging my mother on my birth.
I can stay with my mother,
Inside my heart.
Without any person,
A private day.
I can go on with the beat of my heart,
But with memories of the past.
Inside my heart.

During Math class
I feel distracted
With all the number sequences
At the corner of my eye.
I see the numbers scurrying before I delete them.
I feel that the numbers are happy
I didn't erase them.
I like Math now...

At the soccer stadium
You can imagine people roaring,
Or people booing.
You can feel you are famous,
Although you are unknown.
You can make a hilarious play,
And that will make your day.
Though the stadium is empty,
You can feel it full.
There is a magnificent view.
At the soccer stadium.

At Rollers
Having a good time
People playing
Families happy
People doing trains
Having fun
Peole making jokes
At Rollers.

At the Soccer Stadium
I imagine myself playing like a professional soccer player.
Here I get inspired to be better,
Running as fast as a jaguar,
At the Soccer Stadium.

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