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Snow Saddle Sue and the Seven Dwarf Dudes
A Class Big Book Fractured Fairy Tale
By Mrs. Jones' Second Grade Class
Illustrations for Story

Once upon a time a wicked Rodeo Queen had a magic belt buckle. Every day she would say, "Belt buckle, belt buckle, on the dresser, who is the rootinest, tootinest rodeo successor?"

"You, oh Queen, are a fast barrel racer, but Snow Saddle Sue is fastest of all."

The Rodeo Queen became very angry and sent for her Bull Rider. "I order you to trample Snow Saddle Sue and bring me her heart in a rhinestone box!"

But the Bull Rider admired Snow Saddle Sue and her barrel racing record. "I can't trample you. Go hide in the prairie where the Rodeo Queen will never find you."

Snow Saddle Sue wandered in the prairie grass until she came to a small Dude Ranch. She wondered who would run such a small place. Sue stepped inside and saw seven tiny chairs at a tiny table. "Some little dudes must live here," said Snow Saddle Sue. "I'm starving! I'll just rustle me up a bite to eat." After she got full, she left the mess and went upstairs to nap.

Meanwhile the owners of Dude Ranch were returning from working the cattle. They were seven dwarf dudes. There was Bully, Doc, Roper, Sparky, Spunky, Billy Bob, and Buckaroo. They opened the door and looked around. "Some Rodeo Clowns must have come in here and made this mess," said Spunky.

Then they heard something upstairs. They went upstairs to see what it could be. When they opened the door…"Aahhh!" everyone screamed.

"Who are you?" cried the seven dwarf dudes.

"Why, I'm Snow Saddle Sue. The Bull Rider told me to run away because the Rodeo Queen wants me dead!"

"Well, you can stay here as long as you like, if you'll barrel race in our rodeo," said Billy Bob.

"You've got a deal!" answered Sue.

Not long after that day the Rodeo Queen asked her belt buckle, "Belt buckle, belt buckle, on the dresser, who is the rootinest, tootinest rodeo successor?"

"Snow Saddle Sue still races like the wind I reckin, but you are a close second."

The Rodeo Queen turned herself into an armadillo and made a plan to poison Snow Saddle Sue with jalapenos.

The next morning, the seven dwarf dudes go out on their tractors to plow the east field. Snow Saddle Sue stays at the Dude Ranch to cook a barbecue.

Just after they left, the wicked Rodeo Queen, disguised as an armadillo, a giant armadillo, creeps up to the Dude Ranch and poor Snow Saddle Sue with her basket of poison jalapenos.

"Hello, little lady. Would you like to try one of these hot and spicy jalapenos from my garden?"

"Sure would," replied Sue. But as soon as she touched the jalapeno to her lips, she fell to the ground.

The wicked Rodeo Queen, disguised as an armadillo, a giant armadillo, turned to run; but she ran right into the path of Buckaroo and was pronounced road kill at the scene.

The seven dwarf dudes built a special glass bed for Snow Saddle Sue. They took turns watching over her and performing rodeo events in the hope that she would awake.

One day a fancy rodeo trick rider was practicing with his horse, Prince, out on the prairie. They saw the seven dwarf dudes out in the corral and decided to go by their place.

One look at Snow Saddle Sue and he knew he was really going to like her. He rode around the doing his best tricks. He was so good that the spell was broken and Snow Saddle Sue woke up.

Sue on her horse and the trick rider on Prince, they rode off into the sunset to live happily ever after.

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Individual Stories

Goldifox and the Three Foxhounds
By Bryce

Once upon a time, there were three foxhounds eating their delightful dog food. Papa Foxhound's food tasted too cold. He decided to warm it up, but then it was too hot. Mother Foxhound's dog food was too cold, so Papa Foxhound traded his "hot" food with Mother Foxhound. Baby Foxhound's food was just right, and it tasted just doggy delicious.

After they ate, they decided to go on a dogtrot outside. While the foxhounds were walking, they saw a girl fox named Goldifox. The foxhounds hid behind a dogwood tree so that Goldifox wouldn't see them. Before Goldifox got to the doghouse, the foxhounds decided to take a short cut back home. They dog-paddled as fast as they could go.

Goldifox didn't really know where she was going, but she was on her way to the doghouse. She didn't know that the foxhounds were waiting for her and hiding upstairs. When Goldifox got to the doghouse, she fox-trotted all the way upstairs.

The foxhounds jumped out and scared Goldifox so much that her hair fell out of her head. Goldifox ran to her foxhole and never came back again. Her hair eventually grew back. The three foxhounds lived happily ever after.

The end.

Pinocchio and the Witch
By Brittany

Once upon a time there lived a witch named Anna and a boy named Pinocchio. Pinocchio loved to dance. "I love to dance," said Pinocchio.

The witch was picking some apples. She put some poison on the apples. Pinocchio saw the witch putting poison on the apples. "I would not like to die," said Pinocchio.

One day the witch went out to the boy's house. He had a trap for the witch. The witch fell in the hole. She broke her arm when she fell in the hole. The witch shouted, "Help!"

Pinocchio came out of the house. He danced and danced. He ignored the witch. He did not care about the witch. He lived happier ever after. Except the witch still shouted, "Help!"

The end.

Waking Beauty
By Lauren

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little baby. She lived in a cottage and grew up. Then a terrible thing happened. A mean witch took her from the cottage and she threw her into the castle. "Wow," said the witch. "She is not sad so sipsapsoopity!"

"Oh, no! I can't sleep! Oh, I'm so tired the next day my eyes are blue," cried Waking Beauty.

The witch came back. "So are you sad?" "Nope," said the Beauty. The witch took her wand and, "Sipsapsapysuper!"

"Oh, no, not again!" I'm a teacher now, said the Waking Beauty. "Now are you sad?" asked the witch. "Nope," replied Waking Beauty.

"How can I get you sad?" asked the witch. "I will tell you. Change me into a dove, no a trumpeter swan."

"Swontopetyloplow! Nothing happened. Now I have had it," said the witch. "I am going home."

At the witch's home, Waking Beauty came in. "Go away, I'm going to cast a spell, " said the witch. "If you go through an obstacle course, the spell will be broken. Okay, climb up that board."

"Oooouch!" said Waking Beauty.

"Oh, did you break a nail?" asked the witch. "I don't care!"

"I will find a different way to break the spell," said Waking Beauty.

In the woods, there was a Prince. He took Waking Beauty's hand and they got married and lived happily ever after.

Big Blue Hen
By Zak Anderson

There once was a lazy horse, a sleepy cow, a nosey sheep and a hen that worked too much.

The hen said, "I want to grill a hamburger. Do you want to help me get some meat, Horse?"

But the lazy horse said, "No."

She went to see Mr. Cow. "Mr. Cow," said Hen, "Do you want to help me get some meat?"

But the sleepy cow said, "No," yawning a little bit.

So Hen went to ask sheep. "Sheep, Sheep, do you want to help me get some meat?"

But the nosey sheep yelled, "No!"

So Hen went to get the meat by herself. When she got back, she set the meat on the table so it could thaw out. Next she had to go get some coal. She went to ask horse if he would help her go get the coal. But the lazy horse said, "I'm too tired."

She went to ask cow if he wanted to help her, but the sleepy cow said, " I can't stay awake."

Hen went to ask Sheep, but Nosey Sheep yelled, "No!!" even louder than last time.

So she went to go get the coal herself. When she got back, she went to set the coal on the back porch and was going to get the grill to put the coal on to make the hamburger. She went to ask the horse if he wanted to help her get the grill.

But the lazy horse said, "No."

So she went to ask the sleepy cow, but the cow said, "No."

She went to ask the nosey sheep, but she knew what she'd do. And you know what? She screamed "No!!!" so loud it shook a building and blew Hen all the way back home.

She set the grill out on the back porch. Before she could cook anything, she had to get the lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard and relish. So she went to ask Lazy Horse, but he said, "No, I have some sleeping to do."

She went to ask Sleepy Cow, but he said, "No, I also have some sleeping to do."

So she went to ask Nosey Sheep, but she yelled, "NO!!!!" so loud she knocked down several buildings and one was the grocery store so hen got food for free.

She took the food and made the hamburger. She asked Lazy Horse if he wanted a piece of the hamburger.

"Oh, yes," said the horse. "I'm very hungry."

But Hen said, "You didn't help me get the meat or the coal or the grill or the ketchup, mustard or relish so you don't get a piece."

"Do you want a piece Sleepy Cow?" asked Hen.

"Yes," said Cow, "All this sleeping made me very hungry."

"Well, you didn't help me get the meat. You didn't help me get the coal. You didn't help me get the buns, ketchup, mustard and relish, so you don't get a piece."

She went to ask the nosey sheep. She said, "Sheep, do you want a piece of hamburger?"

Sheep said, "Yes, I do. All of that yelling hurt my throat."

"Well, you didn't help me get the meat or the coal or the grill. And you didn't help me get the ketchup, mustard, relish or buns. So, no, you don't get a piece!"

Big Blue Hen gave the hamburger to three birds and a fish and she ate some, too, and lived happily every after.

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